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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does HostingCatalog work?
  2. There are so many other pay-per-click search engines. How is HostingCatalog different?
  3. Where do you get your traffic?
  4. Iíve just submitted a listing. When will it go live?
  5. What determines the order of listings?
  6. Where is my banner?
  7. How do paid bids work?
  8. How do I know that the clicks Iím being charged for are valid?
  9. Where do I sign up?

How does Hosting Catalog work?
Looking for a web hosting or Internet access provider? Hosting Catalog can help. Simply select the service type that best meets your needs; you'll then be able to research and compare features and prices offered by quality, affordable hosting companies!

Looking for potential web hosting customers? More than 10,000 of them visit Hosting Catalog every month to search for web hosting plans and services! They represent individual consumers, small businesses and major corporations from every industry and many countries. Simply create a listing for your company and get exposed to these potential customers today!

There are so many other pay-per-click search engines. How is Hosting Catalog different?
Most other search engines cater to all visitors and cover all topics. Hosting Catalog focuses exclusively on the web hosting and Internet professional market. This narrow focus ensures that we deliver the highest quality traffic possible to our advertisers and the best possible hosting companies to our visitors.

Where do you get your traffic?
Hosting Catalog traffic comes from a mix of high quality affiliates, organic search results and PPC campaigns.

Iíve just submitted a listing. When will it go live?
Listings are posted as soon as the credit card charges are completed. Sometimes credit card charges are placed in a queue to be manually approved. This generally happens within 24 hours of your payment submission. If you run into problems creating your account, please .

Who determines the order of listings?
Hosting Catalog is a pay-per-click marketplace. This means each company has the ability to decide how much (or how little) he or she is willing to pay for each prospective customer from Hosting Catalog. The more an advertiser offers to pay per visitor, the higher position the ad receives within its category. Cost per visitor ranges from $0.05 to whatever amount the highest bidder finds justifiable.

Iíve just uploaded a banner. Why isnít it being shown with my listing?
Banners may be uploaded with your listings, but will only be shown for the top 5 paid listings within each category. Also, banners must be approved by the administrator in order to display. If yours isn't showing up yet, just sit tight. It will more than likely be approved on the current or next business day.

How do bids work?
For each listing you submit, you may specify a bid amount of at least $0.05 per visitor. Listings are sorted by bid amounts, highest bids first. In order to participate on Hosting Catalog, you must create a an account and make an initial deposit of at least $25.

How do I know that the clicks Iím being charged for are valid?
Our proprietary ClickExclusion™ system employs several dozen techniques to ensure click validity. On the most simplistic level, we exclude clicks based on such parameters as IP address, cookie, user session information, and temporal patterns of user behavior on the site. On the high-end, we employ complex algorithms that detect robots, scripts, and a number of other malicious attempts to compromise the integrity of click statistics and corresponding charges.

Still, we don't ask you to take our word for our traffic quality; we prove it via detailed IP reporting. Hosting Catalog advertisers receive full IP addresses - along with host names, when available - for every click they receive from us. You will be able to see first hand that you are never charged for duplicate clicks or traffic generated by other advertisers. What's more, you can keep a close eye on your ROI by matching our reports against your sales records.

Where do I sign up?
At our signup page, of course. You can create an account, make a deposit of at least $25 and start receiving high-quality hosting related traffic! If you have questions or run into problems, please .

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